Travelista Mariela lives in Argentina. She is one of my dearest friends. We both love to travel and share our experiences with the world. Mari has been to almost all the continents of the world. It’s time to ask her some questions about her travelexperiences.

Mari, tell us why do you love to travel? 

Because I love different cultures, people and their way of life. I’ve discover other ways of having fun and to think about life. I also love when nothing is the typical routine.


Which country has inspired you the most and which country you never want to go again and why?
I would never go back to the Philippines. It is really a poor country, people have sad faces, because they need to fight everyday to eat. And I wouldn’t go to Tunisia either. In this country people has a different culture comparing to mine, but that is not the Asiaissue. I also think that it is really dirty over there. Even natural places are dirty and women are treated like a thing more than a person. I didn’t like that.


What is the most scary thing you have ever experience during your travels?
Scary…being in the middle of the ocean diving with no one picking me up from the boat. Flying and checking another plane coming extremely close to mine. It even flew over the one I was in. But the most scary thing when I’m traveling are the hostels which sometimes are really dirty and the people are in bad mood.


Do you have a favorite shoe which you take when your travelling. If so…what kind of shoe is it?
Mmmm kind of shoes…when I walk so much and my feets hurt, I always take with me my flip flops. Heheh. It’s Brasilcomfortable and cheap. Otherwise I use some ballerinas, or sneakers from All Stars.

Which travel secret you discover while travelling. 


Do you want to share this with the readers?
Sure! I found that you have to make your own experience. Everyone has an opinion regarding to some countries, even if they haven’t been there. So, I think you better go and discover it by yourself and have your own experience in that country. I had amazing experiences in countries people told me were boring! You better go for it!