Travel songs

travelsongsMusic always helps us to get into the traveling mood or looking back to some great adventures. There are plenty of excellent travel songs to choose from that will boost your mood and get you even more excited for the trip ahead.

Here is our pick of some of the best travel songs which get us in the mood to pack our back and go discover the world again and again.

We love this song from Sigur Ros. It reminds us to our amazing and adventures trip to Iceland.

This song from London Grammer want to make us pack our backs and leave to the middle of knowhere.

Pure Shores from All Saint. We think it’s a great song to get into travelling mood.

The Pussycat Dolls and AR. Rahman. Jai Ho (Let Victory be Yours). Just listen, dance and go travel.

30 seconds to Mars, Closer to the Edge. It makes us want to climb those mountains again.

Travel songs

All these we choose made us so happy while travelling. Ofcourse we have a lot more, but these ones reminds us of certain moments while travelling. Do you have a favorite travel song? Share it with us.