Den Bosch

Den BoschThe Netherlands is packed with old cities, many of them are well preserved and offer a glance at the way people used to live. One of this city is ’s-Hertogenbosch. Dutch people seldom use the formal ‘s-Hertogenbosch but rather the colloquial Den Bosch. Which means “The Forest” by the way. The history of Den Bosch start in 1185. You can read here more about the history.
Den Bosch has two dynamite sights: a remarkable church Sint Janskathedraal and a great museum dedicated to its namesake artist. It also has unique tunnel canals you can explore. Den Bosch

This Sint Janskathedraal is worth a visit. The building is incredible and has an interesting history. Did you know that this is the only large Gothic cathedral in the Netherlands? Also the inside has a special chapel for the Holy Mary and the candles and flowers show how much people adore her.

Beside wandering around in this beautiful city you can also taste the local beer and eat the famous Bossche Bol. This traditional Den Bosch pastry treat can be ordered on every café terrace.

Bossche BolA Bossche Bol is a kind of huge cream puff covered in dark chocolate. Jules, the owner of the Royal bakery has the best Bossche Bol in the city. They make their Bossche Bol fresh everyday. You can also learn how to do it yourself. They organize every day workshops. You will learn step by step how to make your own Bossche Bol. Check their website for more information. Their website is only in Dutch but you can send them also an email.

To explore the city you can take a boat trip or a city walk. Or you can combined a boat trip and city walk in ’s-Hertogenbosch. What ever you choose…it’s totally worth visiting this beautiful city.