Discover New York the locol way

New York

Discover New York the local way. Mansi lives in New York. Also known as the city that never sleeps. She has also been bitten by the travel bug and want to see every corner of the world. We ask Mansi about her life in New York and if she can give us some insider travel tips for travellers who are visiting the city for the first time. So let discover the city through her eyes.

You live in New York. How is it to live in the city which never sleeps and why?
It can be vibrant, fabulous, overwhelming and daunting all at the same time. The energy is unbelievable and you can’t escape it. The city is a melting pot of different nationalities. It’s amazing to know that over 800 languages are spoken here.

Bucket list

For a lot of people is New York in the top 10 on their Bucket list. What are the – must see – things (which are not in any travellersguide) for travels when they come to visit?

  • The Cloisters – It is the branch of the Metropolitan museum of art. It is located in Fort Tryon  Park in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan. It is located on top of a hill. Enjoy the museum’s collection of medieval and Byzantine art and don’t miss out the views from Fort Tryon Park.
  • The High Line – It’s a park built on an elevated section of a historic rail line. It offers amazing views of Manhattan. Be sure to notice and appreciate the great street art that you cross while walking on the High line.

How is the interaction with the locals in New York? What are the do and don’ts?New York
There are no dos and don’ts. If you speak English, interaction is fairly simple. New Yorkers are always trying to get somewhere. There always seems to be a sense of urgency. Don’t judge if you don’t get a very friendly reply.

How is the transportation if you want to go to places?
Definitely the most well connected city in the World. The New York Metro is the pulse of the city. Parking your car can be a tedious and an expensive affair in NYC, hence public transport is the best option to go around places. Its fast and efficient.

Which season is the best to visit New York and why?
Any time is a good time to visit New York City. However, my favorite season is fall. Its neither too hot nor too cold. Experiencing the fall foliage, the beautiful colors of nature is definitely one if the top things to do in NYC. You can also visit during Christmas and enjoy the festivities and the fabulous sales.

What is a big secret of New York that a lot of travelers don’t know?
The big secret is to ditch the touristy areas and explore the city by foot. NYC can amaze you in many ways. You can find art in the most unexpected places.

New YorkCan you give us some tips of local cafés or bars were you can have good food or drink where you don’t have to pay a lot of money.
There are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants in NYC. You will find restaurants serving cuisines from all across the globe. Cornelia café for brunch and Baracca for Tapas in Greenwich village are my favorite spots. Brooklyn too has a vibrant food scene. Williamsburg is a great place for youngsters and there are many options for wining and dining.

Knowing that New York is a great city to explore so which kind of shoes do you recommend travels to take with them?
NYC requires a lot of walking, going up and down steps and sometimes running to catch your train, so it’s best to wear the most comfortable walking shoes. If you are visiting in winter, don’t forget to get your snow boots.

You also love to travel. Which countries are on your Bucket list?New York
My bucket list includes Peru, Chile, Iceland, South Africa, and the list is never ending.

Do you have a favorite travel quote? If so can you share this with us?
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Saint Augustine-

Which personal travel tips can you give to the readers?

  • Sometimes Off Season is the best season- Less crowds and cheap
  • Learn to say basic words like “Hello”, “Thanks” and “Bye” in the local language of the place you are visiting.
  • Eat local

Note: all pictures are made by Mansi. If you want to see more about her live in New York, how to discover New York the local way and other adventures check her photoblog.