Ivana is born in Montenegro. She lives in Podgorica, the capital city of MontenegroA big passion in travelling takes her round the world. We had the opportunity to ask Ivana a number of questions about her travels. 

You live in Montenegro. Why should people visit you country?
Montenegro is simply beautiful. It’s not because it is my country, but because it is beautiful for real. I have travelled a lot and I never saw a country with more beautiful nature than Montenegro is. I always say that other countries have more beautiful towns, richer culture and more delicious meals but there is no country with more beautiful landscapes. Everything is still untouched, unspoiled. Montenegro is for adventurers and you can discover true Montenegro only if you dare to do that. Montenegro is perfect for all travelers, not only tourists. True traveler is wanderlust – seeks for new pleasures and finding it in getting lost. Montenegro will give you opportunity to disconnect from everything in order to find yourself. And you will agree with me, that not many places offers that.

What does travelling means for you?
For me, to travel means to live. Since my childhood I was roaming around, feeling happy every time I change environment. As I said earlier, my country is beautiful and even when I am travelling just around Montenegro I feel happy. Travelling helps me to attach with myself, to understand my dreams, my wishes and my limits. When I travel I feel like it is true me…it is a feeling that can not be described. But I know it and I am in constant need for it.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes which you always take with you when your travelling? If so why that pair of shoes?
I do not have favorite pair of shoes. But I always have problem with shoes. On every single trip something wrong happens with my shoes or they simply give me pain. When it comes to shoes (and clothes in general) I am true Montenegrin – we care about how we look A LOT. I am ashamed of that and it is not important for me, I just love to dress nice. That means taking five or six pairs of shoes on a weekend trip.

Which top 5 countries are on your buck list?
Japan, Portugal, Argentina, Mozambique and Lebanon. Can I write 150 more? Anyway, I know I can’t…but this list changes all the time and I picked them because they represents different parts of the world.

Perast, Montenegro

Which personal travel tips can you give to the readers?
Make friends. Our world is wonderful but the corner of the world does not exist without lovely places. It can be nature, town, food, music or whatever. But people makes the difference. Because of them you will love one place more or less. And if you have them you will do everything to hug them again. Everything today is instant and people care less and less for each other. But in the same time they feel alone and sad because of it. I am trying to do the opposite. It is very hard to make friends, but for me is even harder to be away from them. That’s why people don’t like to attach to anyone, especially when they are on trips and they do not know when they will see each other. When it comes to this, I will say one of my sentences that I am repeating all the time – if we are watching the same moon, how far we can be? Open your heart. Every tear brings smile afterwards. Inspire yourself. Find beauty where nobody can see it. With this not that only your trips will be unforgettable, but also your life richer.